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13 Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas for a Haunting Good Time

You can spend a lot of cash on a costume, but frugal Halloween costume ideas bring out the creativity and give you a unique look.

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Do You Still Have Enough?

If you haven’t reviewed your Life Insurance coverage recently, there’s no better time than now. Inflation has been fairly low these past few years, and we tend to forget how much of an impact it has on our purchasing power. Our money really does buy less and less each year. You see it whether you are buying groceries, household goods, lattes, or ... life insurance. Life insurance, you ask? Yes, while the premium on your life insurance policy remains the same, the purchasing power of the dollars underlying that coverage has declined over the years. In other words, the life insurance policy that you purchased a few years ago to protect your family now may be woefully inadequate.

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